The Brian D. Robertson Fund (BDR Fund) advances awareness of solar energy by developing and implementing education programs in schools and learning centers across the nation.


Solar energy is the future. We envision a world where our children access and value solar energy, so that they are able to appreciate and contribute to a sustainable, livable global community.



Education is the key to transforming the conversation about renewable energy in the United States.  Education informs students about the potential for solar energy as an industry, as well as for the development of beneficial technologies.

Collaboration and Partnership

Many stakeholders contribute to the growth and understanding of renewable energy, necessitating cooperation rather than competition. Collaboration and partnership creates unity rather than division, ensuring forward momentum.


Technology provides solutions to age-old problems. New sustainable technologies must replace antiquated technologies. Technology facilitates communication, and breaks down barriers.

Environmental Stewardship

In all aspects of our institution, we strive to make choices that reflect our commitment to the conservation of Earth’s resources and our optimism regarding young people as leaders of a sustainable future.

Valuing Our Customers

We believe in honoring children, their teachers and their schools. They are the reason we exist.



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