Light Your Path

In 2017 BDR Fund will launch Light Your Path, a program designed to engage students in low-income communities around the country, in understanding how solar energy is helping to solve the many problems facing a world grown too big to depend on fossil fuels. A clean and sustainable environment is fast becoming the universal goal of all people, and Light Your Path ensures that students in these after-school programs become part of the discussion, as well as the solution.

The launch of Light Your Path will be in Chicago, a place where there is both a great need and interest in the jobs created by a growing solar industry. Light Your Path is designed to motivate students to become solar energy enthusiasts by providing a fun and dynamic after-school experience where they will learn not only the basic skills necessary to become a part of this industry, but will actually build various solar-powered devices that can have an immediate and positive impact on their daily lives. These experiences and new-found skills range from financial literacy, to proficiency in math and science, to respect for the environment, and an understanding that we are all a part of this global community, called Planet Earth.

The Key Elements of Light Your Path

Foundations of Solar - Employs innovative teaching methods designed to grab the students’ attention and draw them into the learning process, thus enabling them to better understand the environmental impact of solar, and how it can be the key to helping a community thrive.
Innovative Teaching Methods - A practical and first-person approach to teaching students how solar works through hands-on and fun learning and building of projects. More than a lecture – dynamic and fun way of teaching and engaging students.
Professional Immersion - This expeditionary experience will immerse the student in the real life workplaces where solar energy systems are designed, manufactured, and installed, giving them a clear perspective of what a career in the solar industry has to offer them.
Team Work & Leadership - Students are required to work cooperatively together in order to achieve certain objectives, including the selection of group projects, construction schedule, and budget. In order to achieve this desired cooperative spirit, the fine art of listening is a major guiding principle applied throughout the entire learning experience.
Global Connection - Given the global significance of solar energy, coupled with the fact that many developing countries lack the most basic necessities for daily life, let alone resources to learn and develop ways in which to harness the power of the sun to help, Light Your Path students will find creative ways in which to communicate and share information with students in these countries.

How You Can Help

The BDR Fund is establishing a Dream Team of leaders to be part of this the important program that will change the lives of children in their communities and around the nation. The names of the Dream Team will be prominently displayed on the BDR Fund website and in marketing materials that will be distributed to the media and business leaders across the nation. Join the Dream Team Today! 
We are seeking corporate and foundation support to help us launch the program. Please contact Lindsey O'Hern at, for more information. 
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